Fee Information

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Fees include all meals and snacks served during the booked care session; Our Place offers Breakfast, Morning-tea, Lunch, Afternoon-tea and Light Super. Our Menu can be adapted for most food allergies and intolerance's, where dietary needs are complex, Our Place will work with parents to ensure adequate nutrition and variety is provided. Children are required to bring their own drink bottle filled with water only. A filtered water station is available to refill their drink bottles as required. 

Equipment, Resources, and Minor Excursions

Parents are not required to supply a booklist or pay for most excursions, including those undertaken during the School Holidays. In circumstances were significant admissions fees will be incurred during an excursion parents will be required to cover the cost of entry for their child/ren, but will not be required to contribute to the entry fees for staff. Pre-Kindy children will participate in weekly visits to the Community Library; parents will need to provide a library bag for each child (This can be as simple as a thick plastic or reusable shopping bag).